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rotacyl1.jpg (9751 bytes) About the Rota-Cyl

The Rota-Cyl is used throughout the industrial world, wherever there is a requirement for constant-torque, controllable rotary motion.  In addition to offering new advantages for applications traditionally using less advanced actuator designs, the Rota-Cyl's extremely compact size and safety features permit its utilization in applications heretofore unable to use either air or hydraulic power.


Characterisitc Features Rota-Cyl Rotary Actuators

The Rota-Cyl is a rotary actuator which converts air or hydraulic pressure into bi-directional rotary motion at an output shaft. Output can range from a few degrees rotation to five complete turns (1800 degrees) in each direction. Or, through uni-directional clutches, the Rota-Cyl can provide stepping motion in one direction.   Torque up to 11,000 inch-pounds (15,000 at maximum pressure) is developed instantaneously with the application of input pressure and is directly proportional to the applied pressure.


A Completely Self-Contained Package

The Rota-Cyl is a self contained package, with no extending mechanism to use valuable space or endanger personnel.  Unlike cylinder and lever or cylinder plus rack and pinion combinations, the Rota-Cyl output shaft provides direct rotary motion.


rotacyl3.jpg (6953 bytes) Features

The Rota-Cyl is of a fully-sealed design. No precision parts are exposed; corrosive atmospheres have no effect on internal functions.  Speed is easily controlled.   Simple throttling devises (such as Pneu-Trol flow control or needle valves) provide precise acceleration and speed control.  And Rota-Cyls operate effectively at high temperatures -- standard models function perfectly at 220F.; other types available for higher temperatures.

Other RotaCyl features include:

  • High Safety Factor.  No levers, rack gears, or other external moving parts.
  • Series B Rota-Cyls are for hydraulic use only. All other units can be funished to operate on any type of hydraulic fluid, water, or air.
  • Self-Centering Pistions. AC and AD Series mounted on endless chain - no piston-rod seals or packing to wear out.
  • Wide range of Sizes.  Standard Rota-Cyl sizes from .625" to 2.5" (B Series) and 1.0" to 8.0" (AC and AD Series)
  • Minimum Backlash.
  • Cushions.  All Series AC/AD Rota-Cyls can be furnished with adjustable cushions on one or both ends of travel.
  • Wide Range of Torque Ratings from 24 to 11,000 inch-pounds for standard models (15,000 inch-pounds at maximum pressure).
  • No Fire Hazard.  Rota-Cyl is rigidly mounted so it can be connected with rigid piping, eliminating flexible hydraulic hoses and removing potential sources of hydraulic leaks.
  • Explosion-Proof.  No electrical components required in the immediate area of the Rota-Cyl.

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